King Louis XIV:
"Heaven shall be here."
    Sabine De Barra: "Is that Quatres Saisons?"
      King Louis XIV: "Yes. I believe so."  
    André Le Nôtre: You found your way here without too much effort, I hope?
      Sabine De Barra: Your map was wonderfully accurate. I shall need it to get out again.  
    André Le Nôtre: You are ...
      Sabine De Barra: Late.  
      André Le Nôtre: No.  
      Sabine De Barra: Early?  
      André Le Nôtre: No.  
      Sabine De Barra: What then?  
      André Le Nôtre: Here.  
    André Le Nôtre: You are reckless, Madame.
      Sabine De Barra: Am I?  
    André Le Nôtre: ... Thank you. I shall call your chicken -- Chaos
      Sabine De Barra: Chaos. Good. I like that.  
      André Le Nôtre: Chaos in the garden of order.  
    André Le Nôtre: Yes, Madame, I did. As much I imagine as you did yours.  
    Montespan: Lord save us, what a performance.  
    King Louis XIV: I wish to go to Mary. An I wish to be alone.  
    Sabine De Barra: It is a beautfiful day.  
      King Louis XIV: Yes. Yes it is.  
    André Le Nôtre: Do you miss me yet?  
      Sabine De Barra: laughs  
    Sabine De Barra: Thank you. What shall I call you, I would be unsure, you have so many titles.  
      Lauzun: Why, Antoine Madam. Call me Antoine.  
    Swiss Guard: The King comes!  
    Madame Le Nôtre: Are you leaving?  
      André Le Nôtre: Yes.  
      Madame Le Nôtre: May I speak with you?  
      André Le Nôtre: If you wish.  
    André Le Nôtre: This abundance of chaos... is this your Eden?  
      Sabine De Barra: My search for it.  
    King Louis XIV: And what protection can the gardener afford this rose from the harsh elements of change?  
      Sabine De Barra: Patience, care, and a little warmth from the sun are our best hope your Majesty.  
    André Le Nôtre: Do you believe in order over landscape?